Well, hello there! I’m Krysten.

This isn’t my first blog and I doubt it will be my last. I was first introduced to the blogosphere in 2012, by a dear friend named Lucy, and found a little home in a blog called - Ever Sincerely. There are days I wonder what might have been if I had just kept going and didn’t allow fear to overtake me. I’ve stopped and started at many points since then, meekly answering the unknowing call to write lurking within my heart.


The girl behind the screen

I was born and raised on the beautiful island of O’ahu and in the past ten years have since lived all over the continental US. I currently reside in Colorado Springs with my husband, Johnathon and our baby cat, Ava. Johnathon and I met & fell in love on the campus of Concordia University where I studied biology and he studied math. I was in student council & he was in band. (We’re nerds and proud.) After undergrad, I started my masters in Public Health before life took me in another direction.

I am now a Travel & Lifestyle writer and a Colorado based Wedding & Portrait Photographer. A wanderer & explorer at heart, my favorite thing to do is to go where I have never gone before and to consistently learn what this world has to offer. Besides traveling, you can either find me: scaling rocks on hikes, kayaking through rivers or power walking through city streets (J is 6’3“ I have to keep up somehow.) I have a juke box in my head and love to bust a dance move at any random moment in time. Sushi and Ice cream are essential components in my diet and I am obsessed with the Harry Potter Universe. (HUFFLEPUFF FOR LIFE!)

Honestly? This blog isn’t for me. This blog is for you. For adventure hopefuls and life enthusiasts to meet, find and share ideas. So pull up a chair, grab a tea (or coffee) and stay a while.

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Disclaimer: All images displayed are produced either by myself or Johnathon (my husband) unless explicitly stated otherwise.