Career 101: Resigning with Class

Career 101resigningwithclass.png

There is nothing wrong with quitting a job.

Let me repeat that one more time.

There is NOTHING wrong with quitting a job. The reality of the situation is, sometimes you outgrow the environment that you’re in, or the environment outgrows you. In my short-career I've seen a lot of turn over and here are four tips that I've learned to quit with class.

  1. Try not to “no call, no show”. I admit there are a few circumstances that warrant leaving immediately is in your best interest. For example, abuse in the workplace, sexual harassment, unsafe working environments or being asked to do something that is unethical and immoral. Otherwise, try to at the very least tie up any loose ends and finish out the week. No call, no shows reflect negatively on you and no one else. 

  2. Try to leave on positive terms. While cliche, there is truth in the phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Quitting a job can be awkward, try to do it as gracefully as possible. You never know if your future employer is friends with or related to one of your previous colleagues. Be careful of which bridges you burn, it may come back and haunt you.

  3. Don’t slack off. We’ve all experienced “senioritis” in high school and maybe even college, but don’t slack off. Your last few days aren’t a vacation. It’s an opportunity for you to tie up any loose ends, and communicate with other co-workers who’s taking on your tasks. By slacking off you’re doing your team mate a disservice. Additional tip: Your employer is probably paying closer attention to you in your last days. If you want that recommendation, work hard ‘til the end.

  4. Be grateful. It’s hard to think positively if you didn’t like the workspace you were in, but remember - it still provided you an income and experience. Instead of the negatives focus on the positives that came out of the job. Think about the friends you’ve made, and any fun times you had instead.

It's very exciting moving on to bigger and better things, and you surely deserve the greener pastures that await you.  Through all of your adventures remember that success favors those who  finish the job correctly every time.  Remember that when you run the race of life, it's not how you start that matters, but how you end.   

Do you have any additional tips on Resigning with Class? Let me know in the comments below!