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Well, hello there!

I’m Krysten “the face” behind this “lifestyle and travel” website. isn’t my first blog, and to be honest - it’s in a state of evolution. I began blogging (off and on) in 2011. When the blogoverse seemed as if it was coming out of its infancy stages. I managed a little slice of the blog world titled, Ever Sincerely.

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflection - Is what I’m doing bringing me happiness? Am I passionate about what I’m doing? Am I making a positive impact? Is what I’m doing an act of selfishness or selflessness? I still don’t have all the answers, but I do know that I want to do more.

Let us back up, shall we? In 2012 my family moved to Nebraska. I was lost, lonely, and impatiently waiting to go back to school for the spring semester. In my loneliness, I sent an email to a complete stranger. The words she wrote spoke to me. The message she was trying to convey took root in my heart and has been planted ever more. 

My dear friend, Rachel Marie Kang, inspires me everyday - and I know that she was led into my life for a reason. In my journey of self-discovery I realized I’m tired of running away from what “could be.” I’m tired of ignoring that spark placed within me that I’ve incessantly pushed down. I want to make an impact in another way. I want to build a platform focused on telling the untold stories of everyday people - like you and me, choosing to step out and do something entrepreneurial, creative or artistic with their lives. I believe if people knew more about the lives, journeys, struggles, values and background stories of YOU - they would be more engaged. Because, I believe that once people get to know each other on a deeper level, communities become closer.

That is why I’m prayerfully reinstating “Spotlight Features.” I want you to tell YOUR beautifully untold stories, in your own words. I want to connect with you, support you, cheer on your endeavors. 

I humbly invite you to come as you are - raw, real, open - to share your story. To share your passion, your triumph, your failure. I invite you to share your art, your writing, your heart.

You are enough.

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