Wedding Series: What Planning Our Wedding Taught Me


Hello, again! I hope you’ve been enjoying our “wedding week“ series.

We had over a year and a half to plan our wedding, and feel as if I needed more time. Wedding planning is a lesson in humility, diplomacy and is a delicate balancing act. It highlights your strengths, weaknesses, and tests your character. Here’s what I learned while planning our wedding…

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You won’t/can’t please everyone, I consider myself to be a people pleaser and really struggled with the reality that I can’t please everyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but that’s all it is. Their opinion. Attempting to center your wedding according to someone else’s standards is not only a headache but a heartache waiting to happen. Don’t deplete yourself of any happiness or enthusiasm for your wedding day.

Prioritize & Compromise, Try not to get swept up into all the little details. It’ll save you time, energy and money. Pick up to three things you absolutely “must have” and compromise on the rest. For us, it was investing in a photographer & videographer - everything else was just the cake on top.

Take breaks, this is for all of our introverted friends out there. Johnathon and I are right there with you! For your sanity, remember to take breaks. Before your family/friends begin to trickle into town, go on a date with your partner. Before the wedding madness on the day of - escape for a little while. Despite wishing I had more sleep, that time in the library really centered me and helped me take break from being “on“ all the time.

Cherish every moment, Something I regret not doing more of was not cherishing each moment. I regret treating the wedding planning process like a burden - I was working two and a half jobs, trying to manage the logistics of our move, Johnathon was away at school and more often than not I felt incredibly overwhelmed. I ended up giving up the day of the wedding and forced myself to think of what went right rather than what went wrong because at the end of the day all that mattered was the fact that J & I were married and everything else was the cherry on top.

Be Prepared, this is probably my “type-a“ personality shining through, but on the day of my wedding I carried a backpack with my wedding binder, a first aid kit, an emergency sewing kit, and an abundance of hair products (for both light and dark hair). Not everything will go according to plan and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I gave my mom my wedding binder which had copies of the program, our vows, the itinerary, and all contact details so she could handle any last minute changes in my stead. One of my mottos is: hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


Have you ever planned a wedding? If so, what did you learn?

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