Wedding Series: 25 Reasons I Love Her


I sincerely apologize for not posting anything yesterday, but it is the last day in our wedding week series and Johnathon and I have officially been married for THREE years! For today’s post, I invited Johnathon onto the blog

Hello everyone! Johnathon here, and in honor of our anniversary I'm going to tell you the top 25 things I love about Krysten in no particular order.  Here we go!

1.  Her hair.  Ive always liked black hair.
2.  She's short, which is cool.  I kind of envy that about her.
3.  She's taught me to love travelling.  
4.  She follows her dreams.
5.  She tells me the truth even if it hurts.
6.  She works really really hard.
7.  She loves her cat, Ava.
8.  She loves her family.
9.  She has good taste in food.
10.  She knows how to get what she wants.
11.  She's kind.
12.  She has a lot of connections all over the world.
13.  She loves going on trips.
14.  She loves sushi more than anything.
15.  She beautiful.
16.  Sometimes she likes to pretend she's a cat.
17.  She's ok being alone sometimes
18.  She pushes me to be better physically and mentally.
19.  She is ethical and knows the difference between bad decisions and good ones.
20.  She's good at pretending to be in a good mood when she's in a bad one. 
21.  She loves fan fiction.  Preferably Harry Potter.
22.  She's actually very shy at first.
23.  She has the most beautiful eyes.
24.  She hates all feet.  
25.  She chose to marry me.

Happy anniversary, darling!

Thank you for three years of treading through the marital waters with me!