I did the 30 Day #100AbChallenge

When I began my “fitness journey“ at the end of March/early April I knew I wanted to do something that would help me create a habit of regularly working out. After looking through pinterest and not being really thrilled about any of the challenges there, I turned to YouTube. On January 1st popular fitness YouTuber, Casey Ho of Blogilates kickstarted 2019 by sharing the 30 Day #100AbChallenge. I was DELIGHTED to find this challenge. Why? My midsection has always been a source of vulnerability and here was an opportunity to (sorry to be cliche) “kill two birds with one stone.“

Day 1: April 5, 2019

#100abchallenge  Day 1 (1 of 2).jpg

Day 15: April 19, 2019 (Good Friday)

#100abchallenge Day 15 (1 of 2).jpg

Day 30: Saturday, May 4, 2019

#100AbChallenge Day 30 (1 of 2).jpg

I Loved Day 21: Sprinter

I won’t lie, the Sprinters were very challenging and I did a combination of the modification and the actual move. But I loved it because I could feel myself using every muscle in my core. It was the first day that my brain actually said, “Huh, I think my core is actually getting stronger!“

I Didn’t Like Day 18: Side Plank Rotations

I told Johnathon and my sister-in-love, Mary, that these felt like torture. While I could feel that they were effective, I didn’t like them because I had to keep readjusting and it fell more cumbersome than anything else.

My General Thoughts:

Some days were definitely harder than others, but overall I genuinely loved the 30 Day #100AbChallenge and am so thankful that Casey shared this with the world. I knew realistically that I wouldn’t have a six-pack at the end of this challenge, so I was surprised to see at least a small visual change to my body. I’m sincerely proud of myself for pushing through, remaining consistent and for the progress I’ve made. My core is stronger than it has been in a long time and actually thrilled me. If I were to ever do something like this again, I’d probably do a blind measurement to see if there were any changes along my midsection.

Have your or would you do the #100AbChallenge? Why or why not?

I’d love to know in the comments below!