Journal: An Open Letter from My Heart to Yours

Well, hello there. As you read this, I’m currently in Hawai’i with family for my uncles final goodbyes. Here is an open letter from my heart to yours. - K

Dear Friend,

It’s been a tough year for my family and I. We’ve lost three beloved family members. On my mother’s side? My grandpa and aunt from the Philippines; On my father’s side? An uncle from Hawaii. My heart has been heavy. Filled with anguish, laced with guilt and regret. I’ve lost family members in the past. I thought I understood death. I understood how to grieve. It wasn’t an abstract process to me.

But, how do we grieve people we didn’t really know?

Therein laid the guilt and regret. I didn’t know them. I didn’t know their lives, their stories. I didn’t know what makes them “unique.“ Death had come like a thief in the night stealing without warning leaving behind a path of devastation and confusion.

In the past month and a half, I’ve reached the “acceptance stage“ of this theoretical version of loss. Navigating this entirely new territory of loss has been interesting. Friend, I take comfort in the knowledge that this is an ever changing world and I’m not alone in this sentiment.

This season of loss has been reminding me of very valuable lessons and I hope to never take moments for granted again. I hope to remember to hold my hand out to family & friends I’ve been out of contact with and to love freely with joy and thankfulness. After all, what’s that saying? “Where there is love there is life.“ And those are the best way to keep memories alive.