In my journey of self-discovery I realized I’m tired of running away from what “could be.” I’m tired of ignoring that spark placed within me that I’ve incessantly pushed down. I want to make an impact in another way. I want to build a platform focused on telling the untold stories of everyday people - like you and me, choosing to step out and do something entrepreneurial, creative or artistic with their lives. I believe if people knew more about the lives, journeys, struggles, values and background stories of YOU - they would be more engaged. Because, I believe that once people get to know each other on a deeper level, communities become closer.

That is why I’m prayerfully reinstating “Spotlight Features.” I want you to tell YOUR beautifully untold stories, in your own words. I want to connect with you, support you, cheer on your endeavors. 

I humbly invite you to come as you are - raw, real, open - to share your story. To share your passion, your triumph, your failure. I invite you to share your art, your writing, your heart.


There is nothing I love more than collaboration and growth.

Are you a blogger/writer/creative/entrepreneur/artist?

I would LOVE to feature you on my website!

Spotlight Features